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OpenBSD+Squid+Dansguardian+ldap+Active Directory

This setup was tested with OpenBSD 5.1, squid-2.7-ldap, dansguardian- and Windows 2008 Server I will show how to authenticate Squid Proxy in Active Directory using squid_ldap_auth and squid_ldap_group. The basic for this is: At squid.conf put auth_param basic program /usr/local/libexec/squid_ldap_auth … Continue reading

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Configuring WPAD under OpenBSD

Hello there, First of all, what is wpad ? WPAD is acronym to Web Proxy Autodiscovey Protocol, it is reponsible for automatic detecting of proxy under web browsers. I will assume that you know OpenBSD, know configure a basic DHCP … Continue reading

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