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Proxychains is a beautiful tool that permit you use more of two proxy to connect on target.
This tool can be founded at:

Can be installed on gentoo using :

# emerge proxychains

Debian based distros

# apt-get install proxychains

On Back|Track linux, this tool already installed 😉

So … think that you want connect over tor on target … but this target block’s tor network
Use proxychains !

Here a example of proxychains.conf


snip ———–

tcp_read_time_out 15000
tcp_connect_time_out 8000

socks4 9050 # <---------- TOR Listen on localhost and port 9050 ( default ) socks4 1080 # another proxy that will receive connection from TOR snip ------------------------------------ now is time to connect under target Example using ssh: # proxychains -f /etc/proxychains.conf ssh

Output will be something thus:

ProxyChains-3.1 (
|S-chain|-<>-<>-<><><>-OK' s password:

Using Firefox

# proxychains -f /etc/proxychains.conf firefox

Use your imagination and your favorite tools over PROXY !

Be Happy not have price 😀

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