VMWARE Remote Console Plugin

When use the Vmware Server 2.0.x with Mozilla Firefox 3.6.x, some errors occured when tried use the console of virtual machine. To resolve this small inconvenience, locate the follow files:

vmware-vmrc-linux-x64.xpi ( for 64bits system)
vmware-vmrc-linux-i386.xpi ( for 32bits system )

Now, the instalation:

Make a copy of one of these files ( according with your plataform ) to one directory;

$ file vmware-vmrc-linux-x64.xpi
vmware-vmrc-linux-x64.xpi: Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract

$ unzip vmware-vmrc-linux-x64.xpi

We needed only of “plugins” folder

$ cd plugins
$ ./vmware-vmrc

On windows that will open, on hostname field, type the hostname following the port


Your user and your password

Finished ! We have the list of Virtual Machines and we can access the console


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