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Pass Phrase Cracking tool

Overview: phrasen|drescher is a modular and multi processing pass phrase cracking tool. In this tutorial, I will show how crack MSSQL passwords. You can download file here: or here: Instalation Instructions: First, install libssh2. Gentoo: # emerge libssh2 … Continue reading

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Capture Packets at Cisco IOS

Cisco IOS routers have built in sniffer. It is called EPC ( Embedded Packet Capture ). The capture is store using PCAP format ( Tcpdump format ). so after capture you can analyze the packet with Wireshark, can submit file … Continue reading

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Tools Section Updated

I added 3 new tools 1 -) Cap SASL 2 -) CISCO PASSWORD CRACK 3 -) Skype Log Extractor If you have a sugestion or a tool, contact me Enjoy !

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